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Steel Welding - Steel Repair



These pics come from a new aerospace test facility that they are constructing at the University of Notre Dame. The SSF-6 is working great.


welding stainless steel

I am attempting to make all of these fittings air tight as they are used for pressure measurements. We can¹t have any leaks. I had very little warpage of my base metal and I think this is really going to work out very well.


silver solder high strength metal repair

Thank you,


David Hipskind
Turbomachinery Technician
The University of Notre Dame
Institute for Flow Physics and Control (FLOWPAC)
The Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research


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Steel is an alloy composed of iron and carbon—the higher the carbon content, the stronger, harder and more brittle the steel. There are many types of steel that can be used for steel welding jobs, all of which are categorized based upon various physical properties and carbon content. High carbon steel is very strong and it is used for files, cold chisels and various metal tools while low carbon steel is used for tubing, nails and castings.


Before you start welding steel, you will have to first determine the weldability of the metal. This is inversely proportional to its ability to be hardened by heat. Basically, this means that varieties of the metal with fewer alloying agents can easily be welded better than others.


Next, measure the equivalent carbon content of the different alloys of steel. This compares the properties of any steel alloy to those found in ordinary carbon steel. If possible, use only high strength, low-alloy metals specifically designed for welding steel.


Most jobs require only a hand held propane torch. Super Alloy 1 is recommended when heat or aesthetics is an issue. Otherwise we recommend our SSF-6 Silver Solder for torch welding: with a holding strength of 71,000 PSI, SSF-6 is as strong as a MIG or TIG weld, with a beautiful finish.


Steel repair on stainless steel can be very difficult; it is difficult to cut and is prone to distortion because of its high thermal expansion. Control the amount of ferrite in the weld to minimize hot cracking, preheat, and use steel welding and solder products such as Super Alloy 1, SSF-6, and SSQ-6 when working on different types of stainless steel.



Super Alloy 1 SSF-6 SSQ-6
Melting temperature 350° F 1150° F 1050° F
Bonding strength 20,000 PSI Over 70,000 PSI Over 85,000 PSI
Sizes available 3/32", 1/8" 1/16" 1 oz syringe
Flux Honey liquid, 2 year shelf life Flux coated Mixed in, 9 month shelf life
Color match? No Good Good
Contains cadmium? Yes No No
Recommended torch Any Any Any
Works in all positions Yes Yes Yes
Works for heat sensitive parts Great Fair Fair


30 Steel Electrode

Unparalleled Versatility

 This one electrode welds virtually every type of steel in existence.



 For more information on steel repair, and to watch instructional videos, click the links below:

Steel Videos

Brazing Mild SteelNew!

Square steel is joined to rectangular steel with SSF-6 and an oxyacetylene torch. SSF-6 provides a perfect color match and better finish than MIG welding, with a bond of over 70,000 PSI.

Silver Soldering a Steel Pipe New!

At 56% silver, SSF-6 Silver Solder is ideal for brazing all types of steel. This video gives step by step instructions for repairing steel pipe with an oxy-acetylene torch.

Silver Soldering an Antique Shotgun  New!

Rich Shoop (The Gun Slinger, Mt. Ayr, Indiana) was hired to restore this antique Ithaca, and discovered a missing piece on the barrel.

How to Repair Galvanized Steel  New!

2 galvanized steel plates are joined using Super Alloy 1 and a propane torch.  The low melting point of Super Alloy 1 is ideal for soldering without damaging the protective zinc coating.

How to Solder Galvanized SteelNew!

Soldering Galvanized Steel with Super Alloy 1

Silver Soldering a Cast Iron Flange to Aluminized Steel Tubing for RX 7

Josh Colson from Auburn Muffler and Auto Repair in Auburn, Washington, is using SSF-6 Silver Solder by MuggyWeld.com, to braze a cast iron flange to aluminized steel tubing for better air flow.

Braze or Solder Steel to Stainless with High Strength Silver Solder

SSF-6 brazes a stainless steel tube to a steel plate at over 70,000 PSI with a propane torch.

How to braze or silver solder steel to steel at high strength with a propane torch

Joining square steel tubing to mild flat bar steel with SSF-6 Silver Solder. Straight propane is used for this braze, as SSF-6 is lower temperature than most high content silver solders.

Silver Solder on Steel Brass Copper Stainless Steel Using SSF-6 Silver Soldering Rod

SSF-6 Silver Solder brazes stainless steel to copper, brass, or steel... in any combination, and can be successfully applied using a propane torch, oxyacetylene, MAPP gas or a natural gas torch.

How to Silver Braze Steel to Brass with high content silver solder.

Braze steel to brass tubing with Muggy Weld SSF-6 Silver Solder and a propane torch.  Step by step instructions for SSF-6, as well as tips and troubleshooting.

Aluminum Tubing Soldered to Galvanized Steel Using Super Alloy 1 Low Temperature Aluminum

Super Alloy 1 multi metal solder joins aluminum to galvanized steel at 350 degrees--a bonding strength of 20,000 psi.

How to Solder Zinc Plated Steel to Brass Tubing using Low Temp Solder

Solder zinc plated steel to brass tubing or pipe with Super Alloy 1 low temperature solder. This multi-metal solder melts at 350 degrees and bonds at 20,000 psi.

How to Solder a Steel Screw to Pot Metal Using Super Alloy 1 and a Torch

Solder steel to pot metal at 350 degrees using a propane torch and Super Alloy 1 rod and flux.

Silver Solder Copper to Steel using SSQ-6 Syringe

A 1/8" steel plate is soldered to a copper end cap using Muggy Weld SSQ-6 56% silver solder paste.

Heat Sink: How to Dissipate Heat up to 3000 degrees

Tami holds a piece of steel 1 inch from where the base metal is approximately 1500°F, with about 1 oz. of COOL BLUE heat paste applied.

Steel Welding: Hydraulic Hose Repair

John at MHSS (a hydraulic hose repair shop) saves a $300 hydraulic hose using our SSF-6 silver solder.

Steel Soldering: Bobcat Oilcan Repair

This steel oil pan is repaired with our SSF-6 silver solder using a propane torch.

How to Repair Steel Auto Body Panels Without Warpage

Auto body panels are very thin nowadays, and mig welding these parts without warpage can be very difficult.

Heat Sink: Welding Auto Body Panels Without Warpage

This clip shows a fender being repaired with Super Alloy 1 and COOL BLUE Heat Paste.

How to Repair Steel with Silver Solder

SSQ-6 is the perfect solution for jobs like this--parts are balancing, and if a rod were used they could easily be knocked over but the silver solder almost glues them together and acts like a jig when heated.