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Copper, Brass & Bronze Videos



These pics come from a new aerospace test facility that they are constructing at the University of Notre Dame. The SSF-6 is working great.


aluminum welding and metal repair

I am attempting to make all of these fittings air tight as they are used for pressure measurements. We can¹t have any leaks. I had very little warpage of my base metal and I think this is really going to work out very well.


metal fabrication and repair with muggyweld

Thank you,


David Hipskind
Turbomachinery Technician
The University of Notre Dame
Institute for Flow Physics and Control (FLOWPAC)
The Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research


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watch our metal repair videos on youtube

Copper Nickel or Cupre Nickel is Silver Soldered using SSQ-6

We are solver brazing cupre nickel together using SSQ-6 silver solder from muggyweld.com. A propane torch was used on the two pieces of copper nickel, one tube was flared so the other could be inserted for tight fit.

Brass Nut Soldered to a Brass Washer Using SSQ-6

Muggy Weld SSQ-6 is simple to use on brass, you just squeeze out the amount needed on the brass before you heat the part with your choice of torch.

Copper Plates Silver Brazed with SSQ-6 Silver Solder Paste

We are using SSQ-6 to join two copper plates. Just push the plunger on the syringe and add the amount need for the solder joint.

Silver Solder Copper to Steel using SSQ-6 Syringe

We are silver soldering a 1/8 inch steel plate to a copper end cap using Muggy Weld SSQ-6 56% silver solder paste.

Copper Tubing to Copper Plate Soldered with Super Alloy 1

We are soldering copper tubing to copper plate with Super Alloy 1 rod and flux. We add the flux first to the cleaned copper then heat until the flux bubbles and turns brown, this tells us the copper is ready for the solder rod.

Brass soldering: solder a hole in a brass tube with a propane torch

We use Super Alloy 1 and a propane torch to repair a hole in a brass tube at a very low temp.

How to Solder Zinc Plated Steel to Brass Tubing using Low Temp Solder

Solder zinc plated steel to brass tubing or pipe with Super Alloy 1 low temperature solder.

How to Silver Braze Steel to Brass with high content silver solder.

Braze steel to brass tubing with Muggy Weld SSF-6 Silver Solder and a propane torch.

How to Silver Solder Brass Plates Together with a Brazing Rod.

Brazing two brass plates together using SSF-6 silver solder and a propane torch. You can use mapp gass or oxygen acetylene as well.

Silver Solder on Steel Brass Copper Stainless Steel Using SSF-6 Silver Soldering Rod

SSF-6 Silver Solder brazes stainless steel to copper, brass, or steel... in any combination.

How to Braze or Solder Brass to Stainless Tubing Using a Propane Torch

How to braze brass tubing to stainless steel tubing with a high strength silver solder at 1150 degrees and only using a propane torch.

Brazing Stainless Steel to Brass

Using a propane torch and SSF-6 Silver Solder, Mike joins a stainless steel plate to a brass plate.

How to Braze or Solder Copper to Stainless Steel Tubing with a Hand Held Torch.

Brazing stainless steel tubing to copper tubing with SSF-6 silver solder using a hand held propane torch.

Brass Repair

Two pieces of brass are brazed with SSQ-6 and a propane torch.

Aluminum Welding, Brazing & Soldering Tips: Join Brass to Aluminum

Yes, Super Alloy 1 can solder brass to aluminum. In this clip we join these 2 metals and demonstrate the strength of the repair.

Aluminum Welding & Brazing Tips: Joining Aluminum to Copper Tubing

Often in the refrigeration industry, it is necessary to join copper to aluminum tubing from an evaporator.

Silver Soldering Brass

This clip shows how to join 2 pieces of brass using our SSF-6 silver solder.

How to Solder Copper to Aluminum

This clip demonstrates how to join copper to aluminum using Super Alloy 1, the 350o solder, with a propane torch.

Silver Brazing a Brass Nut to a Stainless Steel Bolt with SSQ-6

A stainless steel threaded bolt is soldered to a brass nut using SSQ-6 silver solder paste in syringe form.

Joining a Stainless Plate to Copper Tubing with Silver Solder

Using SSQ-6 silver solder paste, Mike silver solders a stainless steel plate to a piece of copper tubing.

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