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Muggy Weld Customer Testimonials



These pics come from a new aerospace test facility that they are constructing at the University of Notre Dame. The SSF-6 is working great.


welding stainless steel

I am attempting to make all of these fittings air tight as they are used for pressure measurements. We can¹t have any leaks. I had very little warpage of my base metal and I think this is really going to work out very well.


silver solder high strength metal repair

Thank you,


David Hipskind
Turbomachinery Technician
The University of Notre Dame
Institute for Flow Physics and Control (FLOWPAC)
The Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research


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Hello Mike,


Here are the pictures that you requested. The copper pieces are  2" plumbing end caps that had been cut back. We used Muggyweld SSF-6 to solder 18-8 Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screws to 23 copper end caps.



On an additional 23 end caps we used Muggyweld SSF-6 to solder both an 18-8 Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Screw and a 304 Smooth-Bore Seamless Stainless Steel Tube in one operation.


You can see in the last photo that the SSF-6 traveled through the hole in the copper, wetting the SS screw threads.



I selected Muggyweld for this operation because it wets stainless very easily, and its melting point seems to be about 100° F lower than the standard high silver content silver solder.


We have not performed any evaluation of the strength since it is already clear to us that it is sufficient for our needs. We will observe the joints over time to determine any aging effects that could adversely affect our application.


Thank you,

Don Schmadel, PhD
Department of Physics
University of Maryland.

Received 2/21/2014


These pics come from a new aerospace test facility that they are constructing at the University of Notre Dame. The SSF-6 is working great.


The 'powder' that you see in the one photo is actually the pink flux coating from the rod. I scraped a little bit off the rod and applied it under my mating part to try to ensure good solder flow under the part.

I am attempting to make all of these fittings air tight as they are used for pressure measurements. We can¹t have any leaks. I had very little warpage of my base metal and I think this is really going to work out very well.

Thank you,


David Hipskind
Turbomachinery Technician
The University of Notre Dame
Institute for Flow Physics and Control (FLOWPAC)
The Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research


Received 3/15/2015


Just ordered the ssf-6 rods. At first I tried bonding brass to aluminum, but it didn't work out. (The SSF-6 will not bond to aluminum, the Super Alloy 1 will bond brass to aluminum) I then remapped my projected and went all brass, wow, this stuff is amazing. I made a picture frame type border for a custom radiator screen. The miter cuts were then positioned and sweated with SSF-6. The material filled all the gaps and allowed for a super clean join that could be sanded and is still very strong. Many thanks!



Great stuff. Really strong and cleans up so nicely.
Frank Miele

Received 1/17/2015


Hello! These are the pictures of that carburetor repair (I called you from Texas on the Stromberg EX-2 ULTRA rare carburetor that had cracked) it worked perfect! I leak tested it and it held for days, no leaks. I can continue with the build now Thanks!

It's a Stromberg EX-2 not to be mistaken for the EX-22. This carb is worth about $2,500 dollars






Robert James Massengale

Received 4/17/2014


Product worked well.  Soldered steel to brass, bronze and copper!  

This is a 7500$ weathervane and couldn't have achieved the results without the ssf-6 rods. We are a custom shop in Texas that fabricates custom old world architectural products.


Thanks Mike! 



Brian Rock

Beach Sheet Metal


Received 4/20/2014


Everything went well.  I first tried it with the flux on the rod but found that it welded cleaner with the flux removed before hand.  Saved my clamp and the cost of having to replace the entire V-block set because the clamps are no longer available.  Also learned something new in the process!



Jeff Schiedegger


SMARTech Industries, LLC


Received 6/3/2014


Thanks for the product....you saved me $3300on the a/c in my house.   A screw had rubbed a hole in the condenser tube and they said it couldn't be fixed, had to be replaced.

Thanks again.


Galen Tribble


Received 6/23/2014


Mike thank you for your help, your wonderful product and your advice.  I fixed the wood working plane today with the SSF6 silver solder rod.  It worked very well.


There are a couple divots at the outer surface that were 3/8s of an inch wide, that were apparently too large, I could not fill them in completely as I was worried about melting out the main braze…
but 95% of the crack is now filled in completely and machined to a good look. It is strong and I am confident in the repair.

Thank you again. I will send you some pics if you like


David Piazzo
Norwood, MA


Received 7/25/2014


Hello Mike, My first try was not successful trying to seal the crack on the aluminum water tank, so I melted it off watched the video again and tried to do it the same way. I water tested the tank again and had success. The hot water heater for my boat is reassembled and ready to go back in the boat. Thanks for your help. I would recommend your product to anyone who wants to get the job done.


Barry N Bernstein

Bernstein Agency

Allstate Insurance Company


Received 9/27/2014


We had a cast metal part that we needed to put into 2" tube.   To weld we would have had to get large heavy pipe. We preferred aluminum. But how to connect. We were thrilled to find Super Alloy 1. A quick call to Mike verified that we could use Super Alloy 1 for this purpose. Our horse trailer has a new and improved butt bar. Instructions were great! And the product worked as advertised. Quick hint. Put the flux somewhere save. I spilled it twice by tipping the bottle.


Dolores Arste from Galway, NY


Howdy Mike, Our first cast iron repair with 77 rod went great. Wow, super stuff...thanks!


Happy Preparedness Trails

Jim Farley, Gen. Mgr.

Wildfire Rentals & Sales


 Received May 22, 2013


Mike -

Just completed my first job with Super Alloy 1 on pot metal and it worked GREAT !!!!! After I filed it down and smoothed it out with emery cloth, my customers could not tell where the crack was originally. I would be more than willing to endorse your excellent product !!!!

-Gerald Selden
Regloh, Inc.

Received May 2, 2013


Hi Mike,

As promised, here is the link to my boat build. You have my permission to use any of it that you see fit. I am using the Muggy SA5 to cut a couple of custom doors into some complex pontoon railing with 'filigree'.


The Muggy comments and photos start on page 5 and run into page 6. There is a video in there somewhere.  Any questions, call or reply.

Thanks mate,

-Todd Summer

Received May 2, 2013


Alloy 5 saved me $350.00 I am rebuilding a 1981 Dura Craft aluminum boat-- that's what the local welder wanted to patch some holes for me I have a few more spots to fix.

THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!

-Randy Chastain

Received April 1, 2013



You have an amazing product.

After numerous failed attempts to repair my pot metal grill, not to mention the further damage I caused, you solved my problem with Muggy Weld. I made a copper plate copy of the missing piece which lapped behind the grill about 1/2 in. I sanded front and back of both pieces, clamped them together, and soldered from the front side only. I concentrated the heat mostly on the copper. The Muggy Weld traveled all the way thru the lap joint to the back. After cooling I was able to build up the copper with Muggy Weld until it was flush with the pot metal. The piece sanded to a ready to chrome finish.

1951 Packards aren't worth much but I've had fun restoring it and my grandkids think it's the coolest car ever. My wife says it's the ugliest car she's ever seen and no wonder they went broke.

Thank you for your great product and your excellent instructional videos.

-Dick Morgenstern
 Morgenstern 1
Morgenstern 2
Morgenstern 3
Morgenstern 4
Morgenstern 5

Received on March 24th, 2013


Mike, I have to tell you that your 77 cast iron electrodes are fantastic--I need to order more to have it on hand.

I just welded a small block Chevy 400 engine with a broken ear on the starter mount. The engine was sitting on a 3 wheel engine stand and fell over breaking the mount. I placed a mild steel bolt in the broken mounting hole and built the whole corner back up, then I removed the bolt and re-tapped the bolt hole with no problem. It's looking pretty good.
I work on hard to find and restore irreplaceable antique cast iron parts. Your 77 welding rods are better than anything I've tried in the past. I'll try to remember to send you photos of my next cast iron job.
- Bob Carpenter
Ephrata, WA

I became a fan for life of your MuggyWeld SSF-6. My 1932 Ford, 355 small block Chevy, 671 Hampton supercharger, 2- 660 Holleys car ran so fast the system I had couldn't supply enough fuel to motor--the car leaned out 3/4 way down track, and the supercharger worked like a cutting torch and burned a hole through head gasket, engine block and head.

I was told by old racers that my engine was junk. I told them I was going to braze the hole shut with the SSF-6 . Needless to say they were all laughing at me, I said "what do I have to lose?"

I closed the holes with your rods and reassembled the motor. Silver solder saved my block and head. I put in bigger fuel lines and have been running the car in the 10.90's @119 mph since 1997 with the repairs. That's pretty fast for a 3100 lb. street rod with air conditioning. I'm Just glad I found your ad! 

-Frank McDonnell
Motion Collision
Drexill Hill PA


I have also repaired exhaust manifolds with your SSF-6 Silver Solder. Not long ago I repaired a $1200 aluminum hood with your Super Alloy 5.

received November 15, 2012


Thanks Mike

This is one of the larger  copper pieces I solder with your product. As you can see it is ¼ plate and sucks the heat away bad so I really appreciate how well your products work. On the flip side I also do small stuff where I solder thermocouple wire to disk/plate. In this case it is opposite where I will burn wires if too hot. As you can see I use cool blue to keep heat off wire. It is just great, THANKS.





  Best regards,

-Pat Kavanaugh
Precision Products


received November 10, 2012

I repaired my broken (pot metal) mechanical arm for my plow valve (1970 diamond V-Plow) yesterday,  I held the two pieces together with mechanics wire so I could weld it. I watched the pot metal video first.

The repair worked out great, I would have never found this part. Thanks again Mike!


-Frank McDonnell
Motion Collision

received November 7, 2012



 Got the aluminum rods and Super 5. Practiced on some aluminum tubing. I couldn’t believe what I saw on your videos. Looked too good to be true, but it’s truly Amazing! I have very little welding/brazing experience and it works fantastic.


-Mike Larson
My Mechanic, Inc.


received October 29, 2012


Hey Mike, this is Scott King, I just wanted to tell you that I got my rods. It took me all of 10 minutes to do the repair with the SSF-6, and man, I think I only used maybe a 1/2 inch of the whole rod and it held beautifully. I want to thank you again for the product and I'm going to recommend you to all these Nissan Titan owners with these busted exhaust manifolds.


Thank you


received 3/7/12


I've now got my guys brazing the thick bus leads to the thin aluminum sheet and making it look easy now! several of them had attempted it without my guidance and failed miserably, convincing themselves that it would not work. When I showed them the right way to do it they were all very excited to learn the new technique. Needless to say it has solved a lot of problems around here. I look forward to trying it in some other applications around here as they come up. Thanks again for your help in getting this going, I really appreciate it!


-Jake Justice
Project Manager
NECO Electrical Engineering Dept.

received 8/31/11


I put a plug in for your company. Heres the link:
http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/antique-machinery-history/camelback-rebuild- 230815/index3.html#post1640923



Received 4/9/11


Finally used the rod I bought from you a few years ago...GREAT stuff.

I fixed a pump head that was cracked from leaving water in it before winter....a little tough to build up a thin surface with but once I got it started i could do layer upon layer, Still have pump troubles but its not the welds. Ill get more when I try to fix my engine block.


Ronald Hoehn

received 4/3/11


Hi Mike, I got the rod and thought I tell you that after some practice and learning the real importance of getting all the oxidation out and off the metal it worked very well. I found that doing both sides was a trick in its self. My carburetor came out very well and I posted it with pictures on a engine forum I am a part of called SmokStak. It seems to be drawing a lot of attention and maybe you will get some new customers? http://www.smokstak.com/forum/showthread.php?p=629665#post629665 I can send you the pictures if you would like them for your web page? Do you have some kind of a referral plan that if you get some extra business that I might get a discount on my next order? Thanks for your help Mike!


Dennis Wyatt

received April 1, 2011


Hey this is Jim, I just want to congratulate you on a superb product--that 72 and 77 electrode.  I do antique restorations and I was working on a stove that was 140 years old.  The internal components, meaning the fireback (which is cast iron) was split, worn, and burned through - it was ugly, and that's an understatement.

I said "well, if your welding rod can put this back together (and you must understand I was repairing it not to use but to simply to send off to a foundry to have the parts re-cast), but as it is right now, I could probably use the damn thing!"

I'm just amazed that your rod, especially the 72, could arc weld it.  You have to do it incrementally but that stuff really, really gets into that burnt cast iron. But like I said it's an excellent product and I've never seen a welding rod perform quite like that. So keep up the good work guys and I definitely will consider you in the future for all my electrodes.

Thanks again, and take care


received 1/31/11


Your product works as advertised! used to repair a 400.00 grill shell, and saved a ton of money, will recommend your product to anyone! thanks mike! excellent product!


Daniel Wahl

received 10/7/09


Hi Mike,
I just wanted to tell you about a repair that I made that I probably never would have even attempted without your SSF-6 Silver Solder. I have attached some before and after photos.

My customer sent me a cast iron body carburetor to repair that had a piece broken out of the casting at the threaded hole where the inlet fitting screws into. It was a 1/8 NPT fitting, and someone had just tightened it too much and broke the casting. The broken piece was long gone. Someone had previously tried fixing it with epoxy, but it had ultimately failed. When I first saw it, I wasnt sure it was even possible to repair it without the broken piece, being such a small casting. I was afraid the heat from welding or brazing would warp it. Then I remembered I had some of your SSF-6 silver solder left over from a manifold repair I had done earlier in the year. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I cleaned and prepped the casting, cut the threads off a 3/8 x 2-1/2 hex bolt and threaded the shank with a 1/8 NPT die. I coated the threads of the bolt with graphite to keep the silver solder from sticking to it, then screwed the bolt into what was left of the hole until it was fully engaged into the threads in what was left of the casting. I clamped the casting into a large vise to act as a heat sink, and using a #3 torch tip, built up the area with SSF-6. After cooling for about 2 minutes, I carefully unscrewed the bolt. It had left almost a perfect set of threads in the SSF-6. After it was completely cool, I bead blasted the casting and ran a 1/8 NPT tap through the threads just to clean them up. I assembled the carburetor and leak tested it, and there were absolutely no leaks! My customer is very happy. Since neither the casting nor the complete carburetor are available any longer, my only other alternative would have been to search for a used one for her. Thank you very much, from both me and my customer, for a great product!



Doug Long

received 6/25/09

Hey guys... Outstanding! Your Super Alloy 1 works awesome! It repaired the pot metal on my turn signal stalk quite easily. Thanks!


Chris Van Decar

received 3/5/09

Hey guys...
Your 77 Cast Iron rod ROCKS!!!
You probably already knew that...

I fixed a broken cast iron base for a woodworking jointer (without having to take it all apart for heating), and also welded up several cast iron light fixture parts. Cant wait for someone to come around with a broken Cat part.


Roger Carr


received 1/16/09

I received the #77 Cast Iron Rods today. I just fixed a BMW Mini cooper block that swallowed two piston rods and busted the block. It took me about a half hour to mend the two holes and I cant even tell it was ever cracked open. Great Stuff! Saved me a bunch of $$ Thanks!


Frankie Olthoff

received 12/3/08

With regards to Super Alloy 1!! WOW!!! (Just like the video) I cannot believe how much time we can save on restoring old pot metal car parts for our customer base.We are going to be able to lower all our prep rates!!! Our hats are off to you Muggy Weld!! Great Product we will be ordering more!!


Phil Guymer

received 11/25/08

Your Combo Kit was one of the BEST investments I have made! I was able to repair several valuable classic/antique auto parts and saved a TON of money. Thats important in todays economic times. GREAT PRODUCTS! Will purchase again....


Norm Sietzer

received 10/29/08

Just used the super alloy 1 on the window frame of my 59 convertible and am extremely pleased. This is the best and easiest product to use. It works just as easy as the video shows. I will always recommend Muggy weld to all my car collector friends. Thanks again for the super product and the fast delivery.


John Davenport

received 9/5/08

I just ordered the 4 rod pack of your SSF-6 silver solder. As soon as I got it I opened it up and tested it out on some scrap tubing I had, and let me tell you, this stuff is AMAZING! I have been doing household refrigeration for 10 years and I always dreaded the jobs where Id have to join copper tubing to steel. Before, Id sometimes have to give it 2 or 3 attempts until I had a good joint. And even then, a few times Id have a leak come back to get me soon after. I know my problems with joining copper to steel will be a thing of the past now. I was in disbelief at how well your solder flowed and how easy it was to use.
Thank you for making such a fine product, and please DONT EVER discontinue it.


Mike Nohel

received 2/18/08

I just want to say how well your Super Alloy 1 works. I am restoring a car that has a lot of Pot-metal parts that are hard to find and also expensive to replace if I could find them. I Have admit that I was a little skeptical, but I was impressed by the Videos that you have on your Web page.I watched them a few times and I payed attention to the word Root Beer Brown I order your Super Alloy 1. I was able to repair a emblem that had a plastic face on the front and I needed to replace the three pins in the back that had broken off. I placed the emblem on a wet rag to keep the front plastic from melting and I was able to weld on the three pins in the back with out any problem! I have say that I never thought that there would be any simple way for the D.I.Y. to repair Pot metal. Thanks to you and your Super Alloy 1 you have saved me and I am sure many others a lot of time and MONEY!Thank you for such a great product! I am sold on it!
A Very Grateful D.I.Y.


Don Reynolds

received 12/07/07

I just got my order of Super Alloy 1 and it took me about 5 minutes to fix the broken door handle of my 97 Deville. Your product was incredibly easy to use even for someone with suspect welding skills! I cant wait for the next piece of pot metal to break. Thanks a million!.


Arthur Bain

received 11/18/07

I just wanted to tell you that I am completely happy with your SSF-6 silver solder. I did not have any experience prior to using your product and I tried to join two thin sections of brass with a reputable brand of silver solder with paste flux and ended up destroying the parts. I used your flux coated SSF-6 rods without any additional flux and it easily cleaned, wetted and joined the parts without beading up and falling off like the other stuff I tried. Since then, I have joined thick sections to thick, thick to thin, and thin to thin - no problems. I use a regular propane torch with MAPP gas for the thin parts and oxy-acetylene torch for the heavy ones and it works great! I recommend your product to everyone I know.


Paul Wanthal

received 11/16/07

Dear Friends @ muggyweld: We just finished using your product to repair a motorcycle radiator that one of out mechanics accidentally punctured-the product worked better than we could have hoped-and saved us $800. You can count us as your #1 fans.


Camrod Motorsports, NYC

received 10/19/07

Dear Tami, I received the order today that I just placed the day before yesterday. That was quick!

I used the welding rod in the starter kit on a generator plate made of pot metal. A piece had broken off and the welding rod worked as advertised. It is a MUGGY MIRACLE!

After a long awaited retirement, I have been in the process of restoring my 1922 Oldsmobile. As you might quess, finding parts for it is nearly impossible. Two critical parts are made of pot metal and of course after 85 years pot metal cracks and breaks apart. I have tried to find replacement for these parts via the internet, major car parts shows (Macungie, Carlisle, Hershey), and other sources to no avail.

Thank you and Mike for making it possible for me to enjoy restoring my retirement project.


Greatfully yours,
Ross L. Englehart

received 6/02/07

It worked , saved me a new air conditioner.
Thanks for a great product !


Bill Popovic

received 5/29/07

THANK YOU!!! I got a great deal on a boat with a cracked block and then bought your 77 rod. I am a beginner welder but it worked and now I am out having a great time with the family on the water. The crack went all the way across the block and I used all 7 rods. Its holding up perfect and I have several hours on it. Thanks again for having the perfect product and I will recommend you always.


Bob Stewart

received 5/6/06

Thank you thank you thank you. Wow what a nice product (1&5) I will be ordering some cold blue soon but thanks I already fixed my off road vehicles a/c line and now Im using the alloy 1 to customize my garage built bobber motorcycle. Once again thank you.


sincerely, Jimmy Rodriguez

received 5/6/06

Just thought Id make a comment on Muggy Weld.

Im refinishing a 1970 Monte Carlo. I had removed the vinyl top and I tried to seperate a piece of trim made of potmetal for the customer to have rechromed. I broke it right in front of him.

After getting over my embarassment, slightly, I tried to search for a replacement. Its almost impossible to find and if you do, its broke also. Its just a fragile part.

I happen to read a thread on a Classic Mustang forum about someone reparing an emblem with Muggy Weld. I checked out your web site out and ordered the welding rods.

I was shocked to get them in two days,and even happier to be able to repair the trim piece. I even repaired the other side. Thanks, GREAT product!!!! It works!!

Looking forward to spreading the news to some unknowing guy in a potmetal dilemma.


God bless our Troops and Vets!
Marty ORourke .

received 4/24/07

I ordered your super alloy 1 last week--it is the first such product that actually works. It did just like the video showed that it would; I was well pleased with the results. I just finished putting a early Corvette grille oval that was broken into 3 pieces back together. THANKS!!!


John B. McConaha

received 9/07/06

I ordered your super alloy #5 to weld a hole up in an aluminum 2x4 barrel intake for a 56 corvette. Needless to say the product worked just like the video showed. I must have watched the video a dozen times to see if I was missing anything. It seemed too easy, but it really was easy. Thanks for a product that performed exactly as described. I am sold.


Dave Handshoe

received 7/02/06

Guys just wanted to say how happy I am to have found you. I build large wind driven sculptures we call Wind Spirals. In the process we have to solder i/4 304 Stainless Steel rod to 1 1/2 bronze bearing holders. In the past we have tried several different Silver Solders with hit and miss success. After finding your SSF-6 product online we are now able to move through this step many times quicker and with a far superior joint. Thanks for a great product. I just called Mike and ordered 10 more sticks so I am a true believer. I have some pictures of our solder joints if you want to put them on your web site. Feel free to use my comments.


Ralph Moresco
Westshore Wind Spirals

received 6/11/06

I got your Super Alloy one last week and proceeded to braze and join a broken bracket on my pot metal sculpture lamp. It worked wonderfully. Prior to this I tried calling around to professionals and no-one new how to fix pot metal and they asked me to tell them if I figured out how to do it. I tried regular solder, epoxy glue prior to your alloy 1. Nothing worked.


Shizue Davis

received 4/28/06

As a computer programmer for 36 years I can recall dozens of conversations 10, 15, 20, 25, and even 30 years ago when we would talk of the computer capabilities we could easily forecast, and those that we would want to build and see. Bill Gates was still in high school at that time.

Today I needed a Metals/Colors/ Temperatures chart, and bumped into yours. And I could not avoid noticing much of your web site.

Your web site is a stunning example of things we wanted, in the many years past, to see. Also, I sense that the design of the pages and the site were not left solely to the support people, but rather have had lots of input from the management at your company.

Yours is just such a well done site that I could not pass these moments without sending my compliments about your site.

All the best to you !


Dan McGarigle
El Segundo, CA
Retired and lovin it.

received 4/19/06


Just wanted to say that your Alloy 5 rods are wonderful. I have no experiance torch welding / brazing and only a little experiance with a TIG torch. Using your rods I was able to repair a sears aluminum row boat with 2 through holes and 5 spots where the kiel was worn through.

Great product, anyone who has questions can contact me at jameswilson001@aol.com


Jim Wilson

received 4/14/06

Tami, I used my muggy weld on some aluminum. It worked great, was easy, and is stonger than the original part!! Great product and easy to use.


Thanks again,
Jerry Bullaboy

received 3/3/06

Howdy Folks.

Ive recently purchased your beginner kit and its perfect. I dont weld, so this was a new experience. Im restoring a 67 Mercedes 230 SL, and Ive now welded a stud on the trunk emblem, a bolt onto the hood emblem and have repaired the pot metal grill star. I have saved about $830.00, and more to come, by using your product. I cant say enough about it. Experienced professional welders told me I couldnt do it. Theyre wrong, and you are correct.


Thanks again
Steve Hovenden

received 1/24/06

Awesome rod !!!! SSF-6
I have never had any luck brazing and this was a piece of cake.I was asked to repair the bottom of a stainless steel tank and instead of stick welding it I tried this. Next I am going to repair and outboard shaftcase with Super Alloy 5. Hope it works as well.


Alan Leibovitz

received 7/21/05

I purchased a sample kit (7 2& 77 rod) for repairing a damaged bolt hole on a small block Chevy that secures the starter to the block. I used the cast iron welding rod to secure a piece of threaded 3/8 steel rod into the damaged hole where the outside starter bolt would normally have threaded into the engine block. The original threaded hole had the cast iron ripped out the side of the casting when the starter had kicked back on the 388 stroker engine. Hei-coils were out of the question, the walls were too thin (what was left) because of the casting thickness.

I used the 77 rod with a 230v AC stick welder with 95-100amps of power. Built up one small layer of rod at a time cleaning slag off after each pass. I am only a back yard welder and was impressed how well the weld turned out but not only that, it held without cracking. This method of repair saved the engine block from the junk yard.

I would just like to thank Muggyweld for producing such an amazing welding rod that make’s it possible to repair high nickel content cast iron. And by the way, this was repaired while the engine was in the car!! Thanks again.


Earl Scott Hammonton, New Jersey

received 7/17/05

I recently purchased both your 72 & 77 welding rods and I have to say, with some hesitation. Ads never seem to be as good they say.

Well, Im one of your converted. Ive been working on an exhaust manifold from a 1930 Chrysler Imperial. While it took a couple of hours to make my way through the various cracks, it looks like your welding rods have done the trick. Thanks very much !!


Roger Morrow

received 7/7/05

I just recived an order of Alloy 5 and am emailing you to say -- THANKS! It works great! I was really skeptical because Ive tried others and wasted my money, Muggy weld worked just like you said. After a few practice welds I was going like a pro! Also the shipping time was fantastic. Thanks again, youve got a customer here and I will spread the word.


Todd A. Hedrick

received 3/29/05

I love your product, it has made me a lot of money. Thanks for everything.


John Johnson

received 2/18/05

Your Super Alloy 5 has enabled to make repairs we couldnt before. As a result, our business has increased 80%. Thank you!


Dale Johnson
Dixie Distributing (Air Conditioning Service), Houston, TX

received 2/18/05

Your Super Alloy 5 has enabled to make repairs we couldnt before. As a result, our business has increased 80%. Thank you!


Dale Johnson
Dixie Distributing (Air Conditioning Service), Houston, TX

received 2/15/05

AWESOME PRODUCT! Your rods saved my Bronco Block. I highly recommend you to anyone who will listen. Thanks again


Patrick Mack

received 1/12/05

I have been repairing antiques for more than twenty years. Pot metal has been a real problem. A lot of Art Deco Sculpture is made from pot metal. Until I tried your super alloy #1 it had been a hit and miss proposition. I was a bit skeptical at first but you have me sold and I just recently ordered more. Thank you.


Steve Solomon

received 8/15/04

Hey Mike,
Just to let you know. These alloy 1 & 5 rods are great. This is the way aluminum brazing is suppose to be. Ive shown the rods to couple of people as well as the cds. Should be getting an order or 2 if you havent got them by now. Thanks. Will be reordering in the future if & when I run out. This amount could last me for a while.


Vance Griffith

received 10/22/03

The cast swing pinion on my MF backhoe was broken in half and badly welded. My welder told me to throw it away that it couldnt be fixed. I found your special rods on the Web and gave them a try. They worked fantastic and my welder was amazed too. The pinion has been holding up under huge pressure - better than new.


Eric Whyte

received 5/26/03

Last week you overnighted me seven welding rods for use on cast iron. I have to share our experience with you.

We own a golf course and use old 4-wheel drive Jeep Wranglers to push our ball pickers, as they seem to hold up better than any other vehicles. Our oldest Jeep is a 1978 model - 25 years old. One of the teenagers who works for us overheated it and cracked the block in two places. Each crack about 4 inches long. We ordered a rebuilt motor ($1,200) for it and were eagerly awaiting its arrival. The motor supplier called us told us there were two motors for that model Jeep and asked us to check the numbers on the Jeep. To make a long story short, there were no motors to be had that would work in our old Jeep.

I asked our maintenance supervisor if he could weld the block and he told me he had never heard of anyone successfully welding a cast iron block as they just cracked on down as the weld was applied to them. (Same thing my Dad told me) We should just junk