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Super Alloy 5 Aluminum Welding Rod



These pics come from a new aerospace test facility that they are constructing at the University of Notre Dame. The SSF-6 is working great.


welding stainless steel

I am attempting to make all of these fittings air tight as they are used for pressure measurements. We can¹t have any leaks. I had very little warpage of my base metal and I think this is really going to work out very well.


silver solder high strength metal repair

Thank you,


David Hipskind
Turbomachinery Technician
The University of Notre Dame
Institute for Flow Physics and Control (FLOWPAC)
The Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research


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The 600° Aluminum Weld


Super Alloy 5 is the simplest aluminum torch repair ever developed!


  • Flows like silver solder on thin aluminum
  • Bonds at half the melting point of aluminum
  • Matching flux not only cleans the work area, but also serves as an absolute temperature guide
  • Filler rod bonds right through paint, oil, dirt, grease, etc.
  • Can be machined, drilled, tapped, threaded, plated, anodized or even bent without causing pinholes or porosity
  • Creates a malleable bond that is stronger than the parent metal
  • Works with any heat source: propane, natural gas, oxy-acetylene, MAPP gas.
  • Makes an excellent TIG rod



  Super Alloy 5
Melting temperature 600° F
Bonding strength 30,000 PSI
Sizes available 3/32", 1/16"
Flux Powder, 1 year shelf life
Recommended torch Propane, MAPP, oxyacetylene
Metal warpage Potential
Can weld thick aluminum? Yes with oxyacetylene
Can join aluminum to other metals? No
Can repair cast aluminum? Yes
Can be used with TIG? Yes
All position? Yes
Can be plated? Yes
Can be polished? Excellent
Takes powder coating? Excellent
Pre-cleaning necessary? No
Can be anodized? Yes
Can use a soldering iron? No
Can be used on aluminum boats? Yes with oxyacetylene



Aluminum Repair


Aluminum welding is a good way to repair or create new items. Although an aluminum weld requires skill and a careful hand, a high quality aluminum torch repair product can allow you to easily create durable bonds.


Before working on the metal, make sure to clean it first using a wire brush to remove the dirt and grease. Pre-cleaning the metal will also help you to use less flux. Secure the aluminum in place and ignite the flame on your torch until a soft, blue flame appears. Next, heat the end of the rod and dip it into the flux, the flux will grab to the heated rod. Transfer the flux to the part by melting the flux off with the torch.


You don’t have to worry about heating up the metal too much when performing repairs using Super Alloy 5 because it bonds at half the melting point of aluminum, and even through paint, oil, dirt, grease.


Finally, let the metal cool naturally, then remove the flux with warm water and a wire brush . When it's ready, you can use a sanding disc, Dremel tool, or sandpaper etc to smooth the metal.


For more information on Super Alloy 5 and to watch instructional videos, click the links below:


Super Alloy 5 Videos

Video: How to Weld Aluminum Boats

Video: How to Weld Aluminum BoatsNew!

Super Alloy 5 Aluminum Welding Rod Repairs an Aluminum Boat Propeller

Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold Brazing

Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold BrazingNew!

Video showing how to repair a cast aluminum intake manifold.

Aluminum Boat Dent Repair

Aluminum Boat Dent Repair

Proper brazing technique is discussed, as well as how to choose a torch for brazing your aluminum boat--without special machinery or disassembly.

Aluminum Boat Seam Repair

Aluminum Boat Seam Repair

Aluminum boats can be problematic in many ways: cracks, holes, rivets, seams etc. Repair your aluminum boat quickly and easily with Super Alloy 5 aluminum rod and flux.

Aluminum Boat Rivet Repair

Create a water-tight, air-tight seal around leaky rivets with Super Alloy 5 and an oxyacetylene torch.  Never settle for temporary epoxy repairs again.

1967 Ford Mustang Hood Molding Restoration

Super Alloy 5 troubleshooting, tips, and correct brazing techniques are demonstrated on an aluminum hood molding.

3003 Aluminum Welding Techniques

3003 aluminum is a non-heat treatable alloy used primarily for sheet metal work, duct work, and chemical equipment, as well as in the manufacture of a wide variety of aluminum parts. Super Alloy 5 is used to braze the aluminum with weld strength.

Aluminized Stainless Steel Welding

Repairing aluminized steel can be challenging, as standard stainless steel products are ineffective on the aluminized coating.  Super Alloy 5 aluminum alloy eliminates this problem and creates a weld strength bond at only 600°F.

Aluminum Plates Soldered at Weld Strength Using Super Alloy 5

Brazing two thin aluminum plates at over 30,000 PSI using Super Alloy 5 rod and flux. First wire brush your aluminum to remove the oxides, broadly heat your base metal and add your flux with the torch.

How To Repair a Hole in Aluminum Tubing with Aluminum Brazing Rods and a Propane Torch

Demonstration of how to fix two holes in an aluminum air conditioning tube with Super Alloy 5 rod and flux. One of the holes has not been cleaned before soldering or brazing.

How To Braze or Solder Aluminum Together with a Propane Torch at a Very High Strength

Demonstration of the strength of Super Alloy 5--we soldered two aluminum plates together only using a very small amount of rod and flux. John of (John Barrett Works) invited us up to his shop to assist with some aluminum brazing and was also kind enough to hold the camera while the soldering was taking place.

Aluminum Welding Tips: How to Fill Large Holes in Aluminum

In this video clip, Mike fills a dime-sized hole in aluminum with Super Alloy 5 and an oxyacetylene torch.

Welding Aluminum Pieces

2 plates side by side demonstrating how to fill gaps in aluminum with Super Alloy 5.

Aluminum Welding Strength: Super Alloy 5

After joining 2 aluminum plates we put the strength of Super Alloy 5 to the test. Watch as the plates are put into a vice, as well as an attempt at pulling the plates apart with pliers.

Aluminum Bumper Repair: Aluminum Brazing

A 7 inch cut in an aluminum bumper reinforcement is welded with Super Alloy 5. We have posted this video at a sped up rate due to the length of the repair.

Thick to Thin Aluminum Welding

Often we are asked whether or not Super Alloy 5 can join thick pieces of aluminum to thin pieces. In this clip we join a heavy section of aluminum to a thin piece of tubing using an oxyacetylene torch.

Aluminum Welding Tips: Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold Repair

This Toyota Land Cruiser cast aluminum intake manifold had a 3 inch cut across it. Super Alloy 5 is ideal for fixing cast aluminum, so we used an oxyacetylene torch to make the repair. We recommend using oxy-acetylene on all thicker aluminum because it can sometimes be difficult to keep the base metal at the correct temperature with propane or MAPP gas.

How to Weld Cast Aluminum

A cracked cast aluminum transmission case is repaired with Super Alloy 5 and an oxyacetylene torch. Due to the thickness of the aluminum, we recommend using oxy-acetylene and a size 3 or 4 tip. Once you get the cast to the proper working temperature, the aluminum filler rod flows in wonderfully.

How to Weld Aluminum Air Conditioning Fittings

This clip shows how to join aluminum a/c fittings using the same material thousands of auto repair shops and auto air conditioning shops use daily. It is no longer necessary to wait up to a month for replacement parts for your a/c system. Super Alloy 5 is a quick, inexpensive solution to all your a/c problems, enabling you to make aluminum repairs yourself.

Welding Aluminum

An aluminum air conditioning return loop is welded with Super Alloy 5 aluminum rod and flux. Notice the filler rod's perfect color match in comparison with the parent metal--you cannot see the difference.

Aluminum Welding at 600 Degrees

2 aluminum plates being welded with Super Alloy 5. This demonstrates the flow of Super Alloy 5 as well as the capillary action (flow from front to back, side to side)

Aluminum Welding Tips: Aluminum Soldering vs Aluminum Brazing

In this clip: how to determine when to use propane and when to use oxyacetylene when repairing aluminum. Soldering vs. Brazing.

Aluminum Welding & Brazing Tips: ATV Radiator Repair

This clip is especially for ATV owners. It demonstrates an aluminum radiator being repaired repaired from a vertical angle with our Super Alloy 5 and an oxyacetylene torch. If you can get to the damaged area with a torch you can fix it without removing it from the ATV.

Aluminum Welding, Brazing & Soldering Tips: Vertical Aluminum Welding

Mike demonstrates how to weld  a radiator in the vertical position. The 10 year old aluminum part has not been pre-cleaned of the dirt, oil, grease etc. A great example of why you need a separate flux when brazing aluminum.

How to Weld Thick to Thin Aluminum

How to weld differing thicknesses of aluminum together.

Aluminum Boat Holes Repaired Easily

An Aluminum boat is riddled with holes from corrosion from salt water. Steve is a first time muggyweld.com customer using the Super Alloy 5 and an oxyacetylene torch to make the repairs.

Aluminum Welding Tips: Aluminum Boat Repair

Steve at Alternative Automotive makes a repair on a very corroded portion of his aluminum boat using Super Alloy 5. Hiring a welder to come out and make these repairs could have cost a fortune, but now Steve is able to weld all the holes himself at a fraction of the cost.

Heat Dissipation

Demonstration of how to protect your heat sensitive surfaces without disassembling your parts.