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SSF-6 Pound
Brand: MuggyWeld
Product Code: SSF6LB
Availability: In Stock

Our flux coated SSF-6 silver solder flows like no other, is easier to use than flux-less rods, and will bond to more metals at over 70,000 psi. SSF-6 is 56% silver, which is especially useful when high strength is required, or when a very thin high flow is necessary to bond those hard to reach areas

  • Cadmium Free silver solder
  • Special "fast flow" flux coating provides twice the base metal cleansing action of conventional silver flux coatings
  • No odors from rubberized compounds yet the flux coating is totally flexible and non-fragile
  • The only flux coated silver solder strong enough to clean oxidized stainless steel
  • Ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications
  • Wets even burned stainless steel
  • 1" of our high content silver solder will flow 18"--the only silver solder manufactured with this capability

Kit Includes:
THIRTY 18" flux coated rods

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