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SSQ-6 1 oz Syringe
Brand: MuggyWeld
Product Code: SSQ
Availability: In Stock


  • Tensile strength up to 85,000 psi, almost 18x the strength of regular solders
  • Handy cream for allows for one handed soldering and pre-placement of alloy
  • Syringe dispenser eliminates waste--as little as a pinhead dot can be dispensed
  • Cadmium and lead free--No harmful contaminates
  • Easily washed off flux residues leave no corrosives~ even on electrical applications
  • Large oversize 30cc dispenser facilitates one handed, low pressure applications without seepage


  • This alloy works on all common metals except aluminum
  • Excellent for plumbing, electrical, automotive, jewelry, electronic, and general household applications

Kit Includes:
1 oz. tube - Keep Refrigerated (shelf life 9 months)

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