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Super Alloy 5 Starter Kit 1/16"

Super Alloy 5 Starter Kit 1/16"
Brand: MuggyWeld
Product Code: SA5116SK
Availability: In Stock

Super Alloy 5 is the 600°F aluminum brazing alloy--bonds at half the melting point of aluminum

  • Flows like silver solder on thin aluminum
  • Matching flux not only cleans the work area, but also serves as an absolute temperature guide
  • Filler rod bonds right through paint, oil, dirt, grease, etc.
  • Can be machined, drilled, tapped, threaded, plated, anodized or even bent without causing pinholes or porosity
  • Creates a malleable bond that is stronger than the parent metal
  • Works with any heat source: propane, natural gas, oxy-acetylene, MAPP gas
  • Makes an excellent TIG rod

Kit Includes:
FIFTEEN 18" rods
1 jar flux

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