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Super Alloy 1 Starter Kit 3/32"

Super Alloy 1 Starter Kit 3/32"
Product Code: SA1332SK
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Super Alloy 1 is a multi-metal solder that joins all white metals including pot metal, zinc die cast, aluminum, galvanized metal, zinc coated metal, galvalume, zincalume, zamak 3, zamak 5, copper, brass, bronze, monkey metal, white metal, steel, stainless, pewter, and spelter--in any combination, even ferrous to non-ferrous metals.

With a melting point of only 350°F, Super Alloy 1 bonds at half the melting point of pot metal, while its honey flux turns root beer brown to indicate when the base metal has reached the proper temperature--enabling anyone to make repairs quickly and easily. Super Alloy 1 is ideal for repairing pot metal pitting, and can be applied
with any heat source-- including a soldering gun, heat gun, or propane torch with no welding expertise.

Note: Super Alloy 1 cannot be used to repair aluminum boats, cast aluminum, large aluminum masses, or diamond plate aluminum--Super Alloy
5 and an oxyacetylene torch are required for these applications. If you have questions, please email prior to purchase, so we can direct
you to the proper product and torch.

Contains cadmium.

Kit includes

SEVEN 18" rods
1 jar flux

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