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These pics come from a new aerospace test facility that they are constructing at the University of Notre Dame. The SSF-6 is working great.


aluminum welding and metal repair

I am attempting to make all of these fittings air tight as they are used for pressure measurements. We can¹t have any leaks. I had very little warpage of my base metal and I think this is really going to work out very well.


metal fabrication and repair with muggyweld

Thank you,


David Hipskind
Turbomachinery Technician
The University of Notre Dame
Institute for Flow Physics and Control (FLOWPAC)
The Hessert Laboratory for Aerospace Research


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Cast Iron Welding Rods

77/72 Cast Iron Welding Rods

  77 Electrode
Sizes available 5/32", 3/32", 1/8"
Arc - TIG - Braze Arc - TIG
Works on engine blocks Yes
Works on Cast Iron Holes Yes
Joins cast iron to steel Yes
Joins cast iron to metals other than steel No
Works on exhaust manifolds, woodstoves, or other burnt cast iron Good
Works on thin cast iron Yes
Color match? Fair
All position? Yes
Machineable? Yes
Paintable? Yes
Works over existing welds? Fair-- better on unwelded surface
Depth to bevel cracks 3/4 through
Crack resistant? Yes
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5 lb 77 Electrode 5/32"
5 lb 77 Electrode 5/32"

Save those expensive parts: cast iron exhaust manifolds, cast iron engine blocks, Caterpillar parts..